Concrete Drain Box

The Best Concrete Drain Box Of 2024

Underground concrete drain box inlets and catch basins are two of the most popular drainage solutions on the market today for collecting excess stormwater runoff from roofs, sidewalks, parking lots, paver drain, and paved roadways.

Benefits and Tips of Concrete Drain Box

  • Modular construction
  • Riser Sections at the Base/Bottom
  • Frames and grates with knock-outs and block-outs
  • Provides long-lasting durability for excellent drainage and access to crucial connections.
  • Sectional design is customizable.
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Durable five-sided structure with holes for pipe connecting locations
  • For improved waterproof performance, choose either a flat top or a joint key method.
  • A variety of sizes are available.
  • Elevate access to allow for different depths.
  • A variety of sizes are available.
  • Available in a variety of places to meet different connection sizes and altitudes.
  • Round and rectangular forms are offered based on design criteria.
  • Knock-outs may be readily shattered with a hammer to get the proper fit.
  • Material: galvanized metal or cast iron Available in grid arrangement grates or series of bar grates
  • A wide range of bespoke and standard sizes are available
  • Custom lightweight GRP covers for precast concrete and premade GRP troughs
  • There are options for all layouts and setups
  • Unrivaled security and accessibility
  • Designed for safe removal by hand
  • GRP A15 through F900 composite coverings are offered
  • Durability has been demonstrated

All Load Ratings A15 – F900

An extensive range of concrete drain box covers can withstand the same heavy loads as traditional materials while weighing a fraction of the weight; whereas the load-carrying capacity of precast concrete trenches is derived from structural qualities rather than the strength/quality of surrounding backfill materials.

Safe Manual Removal

Concrete drain box coverings are lighter than concrete or metal counterparts and have load ratings of up to F900. This implies that no matter what the weight rating, all trench covers may be securely removed by two persons. Highly engineered concrete drain box covers are inert, extremely resilient, and able to withstand traffic and harsh field conditions for many years, while precast concrete trenches offer long-term protection for underground utilities by defending against bad weather and withstanding the majority of corrosive substances.

Proven Durability

While the strength of precast concrete steadily rises over time, concrete drain box is a high-performance product produced using resin transfer molding (RTM). They are a robust, monolithic cover that will withstand corrosion and severe temperatures (including freeze-thaw). Precast concrete drain box can last more than 100 years, according to research.

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