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Paver Drain

The Adjustable Height Paver Drain is a dual-elevation PVC deck drain system designed for paver deck installation. The design is unique. It has a strong top cover that extends over the joints. It also has a built-in tray in the base. The tray is for placing the pavers on.

Paver Drain is a one-piece PVC extruded drain for surface water drainage on paver decks. This drain is suitable for most 60mm or 2 3/8′′ pavers.

On one side, this drain has an expanded base flange and a short width. The flange should be placed beneath the paver. The flange side of a drainage design might be strategically placed on either parallel side. The parallel side opposite the flange might face a vertical surface, such as a wall.

This drain works with both full-thickness paver bricks and the more common, thinner, tile-shaped paver

The Paver Drain can be easily modified using 1″ schedule 40 PVC pipes and connectors to fit a range of specialty fittings. The Down Adapters and End Adapters are crafted to accommodate 1″ Schedule 40 pipes. The adjustable paver drain is a two-level deck drain engineered for paver deck fitting.

This drain is compatible with both full-thickness paver bricks and the more prevalent, slimmer, tile-like pavers. You need to link the adjustable paver drain and its fittings using paver drain connectors. Good paver drains, in brass or stainless steel, are great for patios and outdoor areas. These paver drains are both fashionable and functional, constructed from robust and professional weather-resistant materials with a sloping interior design for maximum water flow.

The drain is 6″ x 6″ x 2.25″ and fits 3″ and 4″ outdoor drain pipes without the need for adapters or additional cutting. Despite the fact that the paver drain is branded as a paver drain, it may also be used with concrete, natural stone, travertine, and other materials.

The 'Heel Sure' channel grating is more recent, made by Marshalls of Elland, West Yorkshire.
Surface water drainage in Exchange Place, Glasgow

Properties of Paver Drain

  • They fix 5-foot lengths that are easy to install on grade.
  • Trenching is unnecessary and you can use it on a sand or concrete sub-deck.
  • Each 5′ piece contains a Base, Top Cap, and Coupler, as professionally as 45’s, 90’s, Bottom Adapters, and End Adapters.
  • Couplers and end plugs are examples of other fittings.
  • Four color variations are available.
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