United Kingdom Drain Service is a professional plumbing company that provides drain cleaning and repair services to customers throughout the United Kingdom. With many years of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as a leading provider of drain solutions.

Threshold Drain
United Kingdom

What Is Threshold Drain?

Threshold drain (United Kingdom), which were initially developed in the 1990s as a need for special needs access, have become a staple of slick, modern, and natural home design. The “trip and wheelchair” threat that stepdown partitions provide is removed by threshold drains seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces thanks to their level-plane […]

MR Drain-Interceptor
United Kingdom

The Best Ways To Use Drain Interceptor

Surface water drains are protected by drain interceptor (United Kingdom), also known as drain separators, which block the entry of impurities. Professional is the industry leader in interceptor maintenance, from setup through emptying. What Does Drain Interceptor Do? Surface water drains can be protected by using drain interceptor or drain separators, which block the entry […]