Swirl Drain Guard Cover Stainless Steel Rustproof Square Plate Grate
United Kingdom

The Best Tips Of Using Drain Guard

The drain guard (United Kingdom) is designed to filter stormwater waste, keeping it out of drainage systems and our rivers (exceeding 80% sediment removal efficiency).

It filters runoff in storm drains to eliminate pollutants such trash, sand, eroded soil, debris, fuel impurities, and oil. The catch basin insert is composed of geotextile fabric, and because of how simple it is to install, it is perfect for parking lots, building sites, and industrial facilities. It aids in compliance with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26, when employed as a Best Management Practice (BMP) in Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (1999). The drain guard is easy to install. The grate must be elevated during product installation in order for drain guard to be installed over the entrance, and then it must be lowered back into position.

Drain Guard

Available Models Of Drain Guard

  • Removes up to.87 gallons of hydrocarbons together with sand, silt, and other impurities using the oil and sediment model.
  • The inclusion of the filter strips enhances oil and grease absorption by.51 gallons, providing a total capacity of 1.38 gallons for hydrocarbon removal in the Oil & Sediment Plus Model.
  • Specifically made to trap bigger objects and floatables like leaves, cigarette butts, and paper products, the Trash & Debris Model

A drain guard (United Kingdom) T-Body assembly and cartridge may be easily installed once to deliver a slow-releasing solution that offers drain protection for up to six months. Since the unit is transparent, it is easy to see whether the drain guard unit is on and when the next drain guard cartridge is required. A package with two cartridges enables for up to a year’s worth of protection against condensate drain line failure after the first cartridge runs out.

Features of Drain Guard

  • Prevents condensate drain blockages
  • Deals with white slime
  • Created to stop the growth of fungus, bacteria, and algae
  • Operation without maintenance for up to six months
  • Simple one-step refill procedure
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