Wet Room Drain
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All You Need To Know About Wet Room Drain

A wet room is a bathroom that has been completely waterproofed or tanked and has a shower space that is level with the rest of the floor. Within the shower area, a flush wet room drain (United Kingdom) removes the water. There is no chance of runaway water causing harm because the walls and floor are covered by a waterproof membrane.

Wet Room Drain
Tiled Gravity Linear Wetroom Waste

How Use Wet Room Drain In A Wet Room

There are a few simple methods for removing water from a moist room. Either using gravity (letting the waste water fall steadily down a conduit into a wet room drain (United Kingdom) or a shower waste water pump (lifting and pushing the waste water to a higher level).

You must choose your method of disposal since the floor’s trap is somewhat different for everyone. A typical wet floor waste will have a 40 or 50mm output spigot where your waste pipe will attach in addition, a 50mm water trap (to comply with building regulations). The pipes that will run to a convenient soil pipe or sewer as a “gravity” flow must then be made to descend continuously. In reality, a “pumped waste trap” is not really a trap. Typically, it is a fairly shallow appliance that resembles a little frying pan. This results in the pan’s “handle” really being a tiny bore spigot to which small bore piping is readily connected.

Wet Room Drain
Wetroom Systems: Proven, Reliable and Guaranteed Wetroom Products

A “waterless trap” a little paradoxical name considering that this gadget lacks an internal water trap. Instead, it features a membrane that opens when there is water present and shuts when it is dry. These have the benefit of having a very low profile that extends below the floor surface, but exercise caution when deciding where to place one.

If connected directly into a soil pipe or sewage, they do not comply with Building Regulations since they do not have a 50mm wet room drain to collect foul odors returning from a sewer.

If, for example, you are disposing of waste into a wet room drain (United Kingdom) outside the building that is not directly linked to a sewer, you may utilize a square wet room drain (United Kingdom) floor gully with a waterless trap. Whatever best characterizes your situation, keep in mind to match the flow rate of the shower equipment to the wet room drain and gully setup’s capacity to handle flow.

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