Strip Drains

Facts About Strip Drains

Strip drains (Australia), as the name implies, is a drain that resembles a strip—a thin and narrow drain that may span great distances and depths.

They are also known as linear drains, trench drains (due to the fact that they are a drainage trench with a drainage strip grating insert), and channel drains. They are an excellent solution for architects and interior designers looking to achieve a streamlined aesthetic that plumbing has never achieved previously. Strip drains can be utilized for drainage in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. They can also be employed in civil and outdoor environments, such as courtyards, patios, open-air foyers, and entrances with threshold drains.

How Do Strip Drains (Australia) Work?

Strip drains (Australia) function similarly to point drains in that water runs into the drain and then down utilizing gravity to discharge into a waste water pipe.

What Does A Strip Drain look like?

Strip drains (Australia) are a long, thin drain that can be positioned against a wall or in the center of the room. Linear drains, trench drains, grate drains, and channel drains are other names for them. Strip drains (Australia) are classified into two types:

  • Drain Tile Insert
  • Drain using Wedge Wire
Strip Drains
Strip Drains Install

How Do You Install A Strip Drain?

Below there is the summary of strip drains (Australia):

  1. Select the location and kind of drain.
  2. Take measurements for the drain height and outlet position.
  3. Drain installation
  4. Join the plumbing
  5. Set up the floor/screed
  6. Waterproofing
  7. Sealing and tiling

Where Can You Use Strip Drains?

Strip drains (Australia) may be utilized almost everywhere water has to be drained. Swimming pools, balconies, showers, bathrooms, and patios are all included.

What Is the Distinction Between a French Drain and Strip drains (Australia)?

A French Drain is a type of subterranean drainage system. Strip drains (Australia) are type of drain that is used to evacuate water from a surface area such as a bathroom shower, patio/balcony, or swimming pool surrounds.

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