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How Much is a Drain Cleaning Service? (Current Prices in 2024)

The average answer to the question of how much is a drain cleaning service is between $120 and $170 in the country.

The expense of drain cleaning service cost, the blockage, and clearing the drain are both included in the above-mentioned drain service cost. The majority of plumbing business’s drain service near me have a set pricing of $40 to $160 for a first visit that also includes the first hour of service. While many plumbers charge by the hour to unclog a drain, some plumbers have set prices for routine tasks like drain cleaning service. The type of blocked plumbing fixture and the ease of access will determine how much you pay.

No one wants to be in a situation where there is a drain problem; the toilet won’t flush or the kitchen sink has an unidentified obstruction. To find out how much is a drain cleaning service to fix this frequent water drain problem, obtain an estimate before getting a drain service near me call 24/7 from a professional plumbers a local plumber to unclog your drain service.

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The Factors Affecting Drain Cleaning Service Cost

The reply to your question ‘how much is a drain cleaning service’ is as follows;

The drain cleaning service cost is determined by the location of the blockage, the method the professional plumbers employ to remove it, and whether or not you also require additional plumbing repairs.

The place of the drain problems

The drain service cost to having a skilled plumber remove your blockage may depend on where it is. In general, repairing blockages in exterior pipes leading to the sewer or your main line will be more expensive than fixing issues with pipes within your home, such your kitchen sink or toilet. According on where in your home the clog is, the following are the national average drain service cost:

The place of the clogAverage drain service cost
Kitchen sink $85 to $250
Bathroom sink, shower, or tub $150 to $250
Laundry drain $150 to $205
Toilet $120 to $255
Main sewer line $85 to $650
Drain Cleaning Service Price List – 2023-2024
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Video camera inspection in drain service cost

The professional drain cleaning service when you call drain service near me, can do a video check on a pipe if they are unsure of what is clogging your drain or toilet. To locate the drain problems, this entails inserting a high-resolution video camera into your sewage line or pipes. The camera is attached to a flexible metal rod that the plumber inserts into the pipes to relay real-time photos that allow them to pinpoint the exact location of the issue.

Without tearing up flooring or digging up the yard, a video inspection may allow a professional plumber to look into subterranean pipes and those in the foundation of your home.

Additional drain problems affecting drain cleaning service cost

Larger issues, including broken pipes, might occasionally be the root of a clogged drain. So ‘How much is a drain cleaning service’? It might cost as little as $200 or as much as several thousand dollars to remove and replace existing pipes with new ones. Depending on the type of pipe you use and where it is located, the average drain cleaning service cost to replace aging pipes across the country is $5 per linear foot.

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